Relaxed muscles in motion

Monday 30 November 2009This is over 13 years old. Be careful.

I’m casual friends with a yoga student and teacher on Facebook, and he recently posted a video. It’s a yoga teacher demonstrating two extremes of bad form, and the happy medium:

I almost didn’t click on the video at first, because there’s a lot of stuff that goes by on Facebook that I don’t look at. But my friend described it as funny, and funny is a prime motivator for clicking.

And the video is funny, because David Swenson does a good job mocking his bad students. But the thing that stuck with me was his “happy medium” demonstration, and just how smooth and relaxed he was while moving far more than most people do.

His motions have stuck with me, and I’ve been trying to be aware of tension and relaxation in my own muscles. I know it’s not why Ross posted the video in the first place, but you never know where you might find inspiration.

One simple thing: I try to take my hands off the steering wheel when I come to a stop at a red light and just breathe deeply. Lord knows one place we could use more relaxation is in the car...

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For a red light is an opportunity to meditate on patience and humility.
This was great! I am particularly struck by how "soft" his (correct) movements are, almost tender.

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