Lego pop-up temple

Monday 9 November 2009

OK, this is really astounding: first, it's a Lego kit box made out of Lego, not sure why it hasn't been done before. But then he opens the box, and inside is a pop-up temple:


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Steve 11:00 AM on 10 Nov 2009


tshirtman 3:19 AM on 11 Nov 2009

This is sick...

...I love it!

David Boudreau 10:48 PM on 11 Nov 2009

Amazing. Popups must be difficult enough on paper, but with the thicker 4500 lego pieces....

Paul Downs 1:36 PM on 12 Nov 2009

Did he glue the pieces together? Or will it fall apart at random moments like all the other Lego projects I've seen?

Akus 2:00 PM on 17 Nov 2009


anne 5:58 PM on 17 Nov 2009

i was wondering if someone knows a person who does nice lego figures in puerto rico for a photoshoot. thanks so much!

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