Between the folds

Wednesday 22 April 2009This is 14 years old. Be careful.

Between the Folds looks like a interesting documentary, “exploring the science, art, creativity and ingenuity of the world’s best paper folders.” It’s one of those topics that seems slight, but opens up before you to exceed your expectations.

I wish it were possible to see these films more easily. When Helvetica came out, it took me a year and half to see it. Objectified may not take as long, since it is showing in Boston next month.

Or maybe not, since the e-commerce site the MFA uses said there were no tickets left, but then I got an email confirming my purchase of a ticket. Now it’s an adventure!

This is turning into a case study in the small ways shopping carts can be a nightmare. One nice touch in this case was a countdown timer, showing the time remaining before the contents of the cart would be emptied. But I had to register for an account to buy the tickets (ugh, why?), and while I was filling out that form, the timer ran out, and popped me over to a page that said, “Unexpected error encountered.” What?? How could it be unexpected?? You were counting down to it!


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