Subversion changelists

Wednesday 11 March 2009

I’ve been using Subversion 1.5 for a while now, and didn’t know this existed: changelists. You can tag modified files so that you work on a handful of disjoint changes at once. When looking at your working directory status, the files are organized by changelist, and when committing, you can specify the changelist to commit.

This is the feature I missed most from Perforce, so I’m glad to see it in Subversion. I’m using distributed source control a little around the edges, but Subversion will be central at work, so it’s good to have all the power I can.


Sounds like this could serve a similar function to bzr shelve, which I have used more and more since finding out about it. With bzr shelve, you basically put the changes you don't want to check in "on the shelf", check in the current changeset, then run "bzr unshelve" to get your shelved changes back into your working copy. That way when I'm fixing bug A and notice bug B in the same file, I can fix both right away, but make two separate checkins with separate log entries.

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