Hodgman’s meh

Thursday 5 March 2009

John Hodgman isn’t just funny and intelligent, he’s also fighting the good fight for sincerity and engagement by opposing “meh”:

It’s part of the toxic Internet art of constant callous one upsmanship. And it is a sort of art, but not for me.

For another Hodgman demonstration of how to be cool, funny, emotional, and involved all at the same time, watch his wonderful brief digression on matters of lost time.

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Thanks for the pointer, Ned. You inspired me to emit a post on sincerity and engagement in conversation.
Yeah, I posted too. My response was pretty much - he's putting way too much importance into a simple word. Meh isn't some great indicator of the degeneration of our culture. It's just a convenient shorthand for "I don't feel like it" or "You know what? That's really not doing anything for me"
Nate: why even answer, then?
I like John Hodgman as much as the next bloke but thought his appearance in BSG the other week was lacking something. Just felt odd somehow.

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