Oh, I've mentioned it on and off. But it's not really release quality yet, so I'll make a bit more noise when it is. Which may be later this week.

If anyone finds it handy in the meantime, OTOH, they are more than welcome to make use of it...
Hi there,
I know u said it is not of release quality but I tried running it
on my win2k sp4 machine and am getting this.
Am not sure what to do/fix.

Thanks in advance,

/d/ca python
Open and locate Notepad
Dump the Notepad window contents:
[[6558360, u'', 'Edit']]
Open and locate the 'replace' dialogue
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 524, in ?
activateMenuItem(notepadWindow, ['search', 'replace'])
File "", line 231, in activateMenuItem submenu)
File "", line 497, in _findNamedSubmenu
raise WinGuiAutoError("No submenu found for hMenu=" +
__main__.WinGuiAutoError: No submenu found for hMenu=70723, hMenuItemCount=3, submenuName='search'
The test script was built on Windows NT. Notepad's menu structure is different on 2k (and XP), so the test script wasn't finding the menu items it was expecting.

I've fixed this now, so grab a newer version, and see what you get.

I'll also try and see if I can make the error message more informative...
i try to use your but it comes an an error : win_version = {4: "NT", 5: "2K", 6: "XP"}[os.sys.getwindowsversion()[0]]
KeyError: 10

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