Sunday 14 December 2003

Searching today for a free-form outliner on Windows, I found wikidPad. It’s a private wiki implemented as a Windows application. It augments the classic anything-goes wiki model with per-page attributes that aggregate up into structured views, creating a neat blending of the two worlds. As a bonus, the whole thing is implemented in Python (though it is not open source), and there are rudimentary hooks for extending it.

A similar product for the Mac is VoodooPad, though I’ve never used it, so I don’t know what other things it does, or how similar they are.


Did you settle on wikidPad or have another outliner to recommend?
I haven't settled on anything (I only found it this morning!)

I did find an overview page:

He talks about many outliners etc, I inevitably end up imagining my own...
Well, if you are looking for a Wiki-like notepad there is always NoteBook:

For anyone familiar with web wiki's, this will be very easy to use. Oh, and it's freeware... ;)
I've tried both, and I think WikidPad's ease and elegance are worth the $12. It's hard to settle though; none of them are perfect.
WikiPad is now free and open source. And it's a great app.

I've tried the freeware version of VoodooPad, and IMHO, it's a horrible application. It's basically just a piece of nagware to bug you into paying for the full version. If you're going to give something away, just fcking give it away. The developer, Gus Mueller, seems like the kind of guy who says things like, "Remember that quarter I lent you fourteen years ago?" Just for fun, I downloaded the full version of VoodooPad and applied a "borrowed" serial so I could get a feel for the unrestricted app. The application popped up a message on the lines of "Nice try, a-hole. Would you like to pay for this application now, or shall I make your life a living hell by randomly deleting files from your computer?" Something like that. I understand Mr. Mueller's desire to be paid, and I also understand the any developer's anger and frustration at software thievery. But there's a line you should never cross and old Gus definitely crossed it. The guy's an a-hole, and software developers who use tactics like this deserve to die penniless and alone.

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