Top ten databases

Friday 12 December 2003

Winter Corporation conducts a survey of large databases, ranking the largest in a number of categories. The top by total size this year is France Telecom with a 29-terabyte Oracle database. Most rows goes to AT&T with half a trillion rows in a Daytona database. There are lots of other categories. Surprising to me was how many off-brand databases are in the lists. Daytona? Teradata?


Bob 1:28 PM on 12 Dec 2003

On the AT&T website it says that Daytonal manages a 94 terabyte data warehouse. Larger than what was listed.

Note also that the web sites makes a distinction between databases used for data warehousing and those used for OLAP. In the latter case the top database sizes are a bit smaller and the DBMSs used are DB2 and IDMS.

Peter 4:14 AM on 13 Dec 2003

What does SMP mean?

Nathan 6:00 AM on 13 Dec 2003

Symetric Multi Proccessor

Bob 1:16 PM on 13 Dec 2003

And MPP is "Massively Parallel Processing".

phil 5:56 PM on 13 Dec 2003

Welcome to the world of "true" enterprise (distributed computing) -- as opposed to the stuff that makes up the typical blog threads around soap, xml, rest, etc.

Now imagine what it would be like to have a multi-terabyte database that had to handle 40,000+ transactions per second. This is the world of the "off-brand" databases.

FYI -- I was involved (slightly) with a 52TB database over 5 years ago. This survey is clearly incomplete -- and not surprising -- the size of these databases, the transactional throughput, the operating characteristics, etc. are competitive advantages to the enterprises that own them. And these enterprise might easily spend > $100M/year maintaining and updating these databases.

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