Poll on homosexual marriage

Thursday 18 December 2003This is over 19 years old. Be careful.

The American Family Association is conducting an online poll about people’s support for gay marriage. You can take a look at the latest results.

The AFA calls themselves “pro-family”, by which they really mean anti-gay. I think two adults carefully considering their options and choosing to commit to one another can only help families. It’s the mockeries of marriages that you find heterosexuals committing that truly weaken families.

It’s especially galling to find that many of the sponsors of the Defense of Marriage Act are such poor examples of strong family values themselves: People Who Live in Glass Marriages.


Agreed -- I also found it galling that some Highway Patrolmen broke speed limit before joining the force. The fact that they are allowed to write speeding tickets when they themselves have broken the law is just mind boggling.
Your analogy is flawed. These people aren't federal judges who have bad marriages and whose job is to rule on others. Rather, they are people who break some laws dealing with marriage and insist that another law restricting marriage (which is arbitrary) not be revoked.

This is as if somebody violates the speed limit. But then they campaign to keep passing on the right illegal because it 'demeans the sanctity of the roads'.

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