Newspaper terminology

Sunday 21 December 2003

One of the interesting things for me about blogging is that it brings journalism thinking to non-journalists. One of the side-effects of this is that it brings journalist-speak to non-journalists as well. For example, Mark Pilgrim, in his tutorial about cruft-free URLs, refers to the text label for a story as a “slug”. This is newspaper jargon, of which there is much more. Jon Udell is the perfect crossover spokesman, being both a journalist and a blogger. He wrote a while back about Heads, decks, and leads.

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I got all my knowledge of newspaper terminology from Bill Walsh over at The Slot -- he's a copy-editor for the Washington Post.
A few years ago, we settled on a content-management system for our Web site. We should've realized right away there would be major problems when they started calling our decks "subheads" and our subheads "decks." :-).

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