Steve Chrysostom 10:58 PM on 1 Dec 2003

You've left out the most important part of playing Ghost!

Once you've been forced to spell g-h-o-s-t and are out of the game, then you ARE a ghost. As everyone knows, ghosts are invisible and inaudible, so all the other players must ignore them completely. If you talk or reply to a ghost, you get yourself another letter.

This is great fun for the ghosts, who otherwise would have nothing to do; when one of them innocently asks, "what letter are we up to now?" it's just the beginning. Ghosts can loudly interject unwelcome letters, and use any other (verbal) means to try to force (verbal) interaction with non-ghosts. They can also talk among themselves.

Laugh yourself sick, and good luck remembering your intended word ... can get pretty intense for younger kids, though.

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