Link dumps

Wednesday 10 December 2003This is over 19 years old. Be careful.

The most popular page on this site these days is How to make business card cubes. Just this week, it got more popular, as a handful of link dump sites linked to it.

I made up the name “link dump”, suggested by one of the sites. They are like minimalist weblogs: they are a long stream of links, usually to humorous or not-work-safe pages. They track how many people visit each link, and often have no content besides the link and the visit count. The five that popped up in my referrers this week are all European, I’m not sure whether that’s a geographic coincidence, or whether these types of sites are more popular there:

Judging from the number of referrers I’m seeing, these sites are really popular.


I had put a link about this into my blog a while back. Since I've been laid off, I figure there's not much else to do with the huge box of business cards they bought me shortly before laying me off (go figure).
San Dimas High School Football RULES!!!

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