Wednesday 31 December 2003

EasyBib is an online bibliography generator. I guess if you have to make bibliographies, it’s a useful tool. I can’t remember the last time I needed to (probably college). I’ll be interested to see if these small web applications have a place, or if they will be relegated to novelties.

Also, when was the last time anyone cared what city a book was published in? Seems like it was only ever needed to find the publisher, but how long ago did books generally become published by well-known companies rather than individuals with print shops? I can’t imagine needing to know the city of publication after 1850 or so, yet it remains ensconced in the bibliography standards, and now web applications are asking for that irrelevant factoid.


I discovered EasyBib my freshman year and never looked back. When you're up til 4 a.m. writing a paper, the last thing you want to do is spend another 2 hours finishing the bibliography.
Much agreed... Actually, for me, even when I learned basic HTML, I was hoping academia would move towards more of a hyperlinking system of bibliography needs (whenever available)- href tags that could be viewed on a screen in a browser seemed easier than making a bibliography the traditional way- not to mention easier for teachers and professors to actually check. But anything like this to help us all focus on the actual content, right?
Man do I miss those mornings writing papers until 4 a.m. Thank God for black coffee...lol. I agree Jordan. Formatting software is great. I haven't tried the program you talked about but did stumble upon a pretty cool one called EazyPaper. The best part is the integration into Word so I can really fly. No uploading citations, then cutting and pasting. No 5 or 6 windows to click through. EazyPaper has just 1 popup window to complete, I click enter and that's it. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of an Endnote but for the money it's great. I'll have to check out the other product you mentioned. Great idea about the HTML David. Hope we get there soon...

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