Thursday 13 November 2003

I usually adopt technology slowly on this site. I’ve never put up a FOAF file, and my bookmarks are not available in OPML. I don’t support trackback or pingback. I’m still not even entirely sure what Atom is. But I’ve decided to jump on the LOAF bandwagon. I think it’s the kind of universally useful technology that will find application on lots of sites. And its elegantly minimalist specification ensures widespread adoption.


Ben Langhinrichs 8:59 PM on 13 Nov 2003

The kind of clear code that leaves no questions. Some of the implementations shown on that site were the only bug free code I have ever seen.

Ian Bicking 10:25 PM on 13 Nov 2003

So what the heck is LOAF? I tried following through some links, but it didn't become at all clearer.

Brian Slesinsky 11:59 PM on 13 Nov 2003

Someone should make some powerpoint slides.

freddyMac 8:01 AM on 14 Nov 2003

I agree with Ian. Hi Ned! Sans Dimas High School Football Rules!

Bob 9:17 AM on 14 Nov 2003

Bob Dylan sued Apple over the Dylan programming language.

LOAFers better be careful, Mr. Loaf (http://www.meatloaf-oifc.com/meat/oifc1.htm) may be litigious as well.

Chris Raser 1:02 PM on 14 Nov 2003

LOAF takes a minimalist approach, leveraging existing standards to spur analysis and forward thought. Beautiful stuff.

Mike 3:10 PM on 14 Nov 2003

Is it me, or does LOAF have the familiar scent of vapor? Like Ian, I went to the site and clicked on the "What is LOAF?" link. The resulting page said absolutely nothing! (I find that to be more irritating than non-linked footnotes.) Then, Chris Raser's equally vacuous description only adds insult to injury.

Frank 8:36 PM on 14 Nov 2003

No, it's definitely not vapor (or vapour), there are already implementations out there.

Ben Poole 5:02 AM on 15 Nov 2003

It's definitely paradigm-shifting. Incredibly elegant implementations all-round.

John 12:33 PM on 15 Nov 2003

... Astounding in it its simplicity. Well done!

dub 2:37 AM on 21 Nov 2003

stupidest. meme. ever.

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