Kabalarian philosophy

Wednesday 5 November 2003

I’m the last guy in the world to believe in mystic underpinnings of random phenomena. But there’s something kind of spooky about the way Kabalarian Philosophy can provide a paragraph about your personality given only your first name. Uncanny.


ah, the wonderful world of cold reading...
Hello Ned

I am thinking you have taken the short name analysis. If you found it was true and were curious as to how this is so, I am wondering how much time you took to study the deeper aspects. I personally studied the mathematical principle for six years. I am still finding it true, as I explore other areas of personality.
It is an absolute fact when one changes his or her name, the life of that individual changes. The circumstances, associations, health issues, financial situations, relationships and every other aspect of one's life. Things take on a whole new perspective. With the knowledge gained you can see your life's experiences unfold, and one of the hardest things to explain, is one's destiny is now really in the hands of that individual. A person need not believe in some vague idea of what is creating their fate based on unfound concepts. This can be done with the proper knowledge and application of this profound principle. The adage, "People lie; numbers do not" is known in advanced numerology, and does apply here.
I realize many people can see the logic in their personal analysis, but will not and do not change their name. They beleive there is too much at stake like family honor,inheritence, and pride associated with the family tree etc. In actual fact, the percentage of people who change their name is small. I encourage you to look into the philosophy beyond mere curiosity.

Rolf (former student)

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