Wooly-thinker’s guide to rhetoric


Jarno Virtanen 12:35 AM on 16 Oct 2003

So, you're claiming that this entry had nothing to do with the previous entry? I don't buy it. ;-)

Be that as it may, it's a sad day for me when Joel Spolsky reverts in his argument to something this lame: "All design is about tradeoffs. There is no perfect design and there is certainly never any perfect code." Doh.

Thomas Duff 6:24 AM on 16 Oct 2003

This was a great read! Makes me think of Usenet groups and some of the behavior you see in there. In fact, in one of the groups I used to hang out in, there was one person who practiced nearly every one of these! :-)

Ned Batchelder 8:04 PM on 16 Oct 2003

Jarno: until you pointed out the connection between the two posts, I hadn't even realized it!

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