Time for space wiggle

Monday 13 October 2003

Jim Gasperini takes stereo photographs, and has a novel way of presenting them as animated GIFs: Time for Space Wiggle. The effect works better on smaller images. The thumbnails look good, then you click through to the full-size pictures, and it seems kind of goofy.


freddyMac 7:25 PM on 13 Oct 2003

Just now, I can't think of anything less engaging.

Ben Langhinrichs 9:31 PM on 13 Oct 2003

I think it is cool. Not that I would want a lot of such photos, but it is an interesting technique, and I am always game for an interesting technique.

andrew 9:50 AM on 14 Oct 2003

My eyes! It burns!

Bob 2:56 PM on 14 Oct 2003


Ned Batchelder 3:00 PM on 14 Oct 2003

I guess for you sensitive types (Bob) I should have mentioned that a few of the pictures have some tasteful nudity in them.

Bob 3:45 PM on 14 Oct 2003

NSFW == Not Safe For Work. It was just a warning that the link may not go over well with someone's employer and/or co-workers. Heck, even scanning job posting web sites may be NSFW these days...

Mike 11:46 AM on 20 Oct 2003

Kind of reminds me of the way animals without binocular vision, such as birds, get a 3D image of the world: by frequently bobbing and turning their heads.

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