The sound an eye makes

Friday 24 October 2003

I love kindergarten, because it’s when kids start learning to read, which opens up whole new vistas of connections for them. Last night, my kindergartener said,

Dad, isn’t C the sound an eye makes?

I had to admit that it kind of was.


reminds me of one of my niece's statements when she saw a moth for the first time at about the same age: "Look Mommy! a bug in a dress!"
What that your kindergartener, or Homestar Runner in the Malloween commercial?
D'oh! I thought the kid had come up with this himself. Turns out it's a line from Homestar!
C is not a sound. C is the name of the symbol we write, and that symbol has sounds, but these sounds are distinct from the name C as well as it's pronunciation (/see/). (the sounds of C are /k/ and /s/.)

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