Objects have failed?

Monday 13 October 2003

According to Richard Gabriel, Objects Have Failed. I haven’t read this yet, because I don’t have time right now, but I intend to, so I’m putting it here.

(Updated from the comments) The ever-authoritative Bob points out that this is one side of a debate from OOPSLA 2002. Guy Steele’s remarks from the other side of the debate are that Objects have not failed. Thanks, Bob.


andrew 10:14 AM on 14 Oct 2003

Ya know. This guy makes some really good point. OOP, especially with an relational DB backend, really angries up my blood.

Bob 3:35 PM on 14 Oct 2003

A little context:

This is from a debate on the question as to whether "Objects Have Failed" or not. The debate was held at OOPSLA 2002.

Richard Gabriel and Brian Foote were making the affirmative argument -- as captured here.

Guy L. Steele Jr. and James Noble took the opposing point of view. Guy Steele's remarks can be found here: http://www.dreamsongs.com/ObjectsHaveNotFailedNarr.html


P.S. It doesn't take much to angry up your blood Andrew ;-)

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