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Thursday 9 October 2003

Mike McGlynn sends along news of two free and ad-free hosting providers: NetDojo and Both provide very full-featured hosting environments (Python, PHP, MySQL, etc), with no charge and no ads. How do they do it?

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NetDojo's rate is promotional...."We're offering FREE web hosting to geeks, professionals, friends, and family during our building/beta phase of life. We expect this to last a couple more months. After we launch, web hosting will cost $10.95 + extras + bandwidth."
I've looked in to f2o a bit, and there's nothing dodgy about it at all - it's a genuine attempt to provide a good service to the web development community. The guy who runs it is one of the founding members of Evolt. He accepts donations and has a few policies to prevent people from abusing the service but the free hosting offer is kosher.
I can personally vouch for f2o, I have professionally used their very reasonable paid hosting service (identical to the free service, except they now host your domain too...) -- pretty good i must say for the cost, and the guy who runs it (dan cody) is quite flexible...

They make it up in volume.
I wouldn't really call it a promo. The focus of NetDojo has and always will be to provide the best service possible. We're offering hosting for free to beta test our servers and support staff. Hosting is also free while I build a billing system that I can live with.

A promo is more like "Signup now and get a free month."

Anyway, thanks for the link back.


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