Two-column resume

Tuesday 23 September 2003

The topic of resumes keeps coming up. Kevin Fox’s resume is interesting for its presentation: it’s two columns. The main body is in one wide column, with the bullet-list stuff (skills, languages, etc) in a sidebar down the right. It figures: he’s an human-computer interaction specialist.


That rocks. I've had a "skills overview" slash "buzzword bingo" section on my resume for a long time; at the bottom. Along the side is the place!
Interesting approach to a resume... I like it a lot!
I like the style (though that may be as much font choice and openness (whitespace) as anything.) I'd not be surprised, though, if it didn't OCR well - might not be a good choice if you're doing "mundane" jobhunting through agencies that feed them via OCR into a database (though I suppose they'll get the keywords out just fine...)

On the other hand, if you're actually going for interesting jobs (and given the content, he certainly can :-) it's pretty nice. (and for the kind of jobs some of us get, namely the "make the connection, then after starting get asked for a resume so that there's one on file", it's excellent :)
I want recent formats for creating resume.

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