Power users tools list

Wednesday 10 September 2003

Scott Hanselman has posted his Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tools List. It’s very heavy on .NET stuff, but there’s some good things in there even for us old-fashioned types. I found:

  • Autoruns, for finding all the auto-started stuff on your Windows machine.
  • Whiteboard Photo, an impressively single-minded utility, which converts photos of whiteboards into useful images.
  • BgInfo, which makes desktop images full of useful system information.
  • DxRuler, another screen measurement utility.


Great link Ned, thanks! My must-haves include:

- NotesPeek (no idea who coded that :-P )
- Pixie (http://www.nattyware.com): grab those colours!
- TextPad (OK, a fully-fledged app rather than a utility, but so cheap! http://www.textpad.com)
- BBEdit (ditto, but on a proper platform: http://www.barebones.com)

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