Raymond Chen

Wednesday 27 August 2003This is almost 20 years old. Be careful.

Raymond Chen has a fascinating new blog. He’s a developer at Microsoft, and although his blog in on gotdotnet.com, it’s not about the Latest Thing from Microsoft at all: it’s mostly about good old hardcore Win32 programming, and internals trivia about Windows. It’s full of interesting insights and behind-the-scenes details. Plus, he’s one of the developers of TweakUI.

Tangentially: I can’t believe we’re still putting up with calendar-based archives. Raymond’s site is a perfect example. The old entries are just as interesting as the new ones, but impossible to get to. I have to choose dates off the calendar, and when I wanted to scroll back through the whole history, I had to do an awkward tiptoe through the calendrical tulips to find the entries day by day.


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