Wayback machine stymied by squatters

Tuesday 8 July 2003This is more than 20 years old. Be careful.

I used to work at a startup called Blue Ripple. When I mention it, I like to put in a link to the Blue Ripple website. Because it is a failed startup, the website is no more. So I would link to its archived version at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. If you’ve never used it, it is an amazing thing, storing old copies of websites for posterity (for example, they have the Lotus homepage from November 1996).

Recently, though, the Wayback Machine stopped showing me the Blue Ripple website, instead claiming that access to http://blueripple.com has been blocked by the site owner via robots.txt. Huh? Blocked? By the site owner? Sure enough, a domain squatter has slurped up blueripple.com, and has excluded the Internet Archive from visiting with a robots.txt file.

Doesn’t it kind of defeat the whole purpose of the Internet Archive if some crappy-ass domain squatter can prevent access out-of-hand? And why should a robots.txt today prevent the archive from displaying previously crawlable content?

In any case, I’ve put up my own archive of the Blue Ripple site, in case anyone is interested.


that website...ooofah
The sad thing is that the domain squatters grab all sorts of old stuff. I just noticed that taligent.com is now owned by a domain squatter who wants $3688.00 for the domain. What bizarre logic was used to decide on that figure?

I think that Mikey said it all...
Ahh.. Blue Ripple. Thank you for putting your archive up on the web...

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