Star Wars alphabet project

Friday 18 July 2003This is nearly 20 years old. Be careful.

Any Star Wars fan knows about the standard ships like the X-wing, the Y-wing, and the B-wing. Some even know about the esoteric E-wing. But what of the rest of the alphabet? Is there a J-wing? A Q-wing? Jon Palmer answers the question with his Star Wars Alphabet Project. He’s imagined what the rest of the alphabet ships would look like, and constructed them in Lego. The results are complex, well-thought-out, and believable.


join me, won't you, in letting the last 2 bad star wars films serve as erasers, erasing all of this silly stars wars mythology, this idle time safe zone for sci fi fans.

surely, there must be something else...
well actually you couldve known how the story of episode 1 till 3 shouldve looked like cuz george already published that in books

even so theres still muc more mythology to go on prior to even these episodes

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