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Saturday 21 June 2003This is 20 years old. Be careful.

I added a Google search button to my front page. As I was working through the instructions on how to set it up, I didn’t notice any rules about leaving the Google logo in, or leaving the choice of whole web vs. site search, so I stripped it down to just what I wanted.

Google, if I’ve broken the rules, I apologize.


Yep, you are breaking the rules. I clicked the link you gave, the page stated:

"NOTE: By using Google's Free Search service, you are agreeing to the terms of our service."

So I read the terms of service. I didn't get very far before running into:

"3.3 Attribution. The search box (or other means used by an End User to enter a search query) shall conspicuously display a graphic (available at that indicates that the Services are provided by Google. The graphic shall link to the Google site located at or such other address as Google may designate from time to time during the Term."

So there you go, you are breaking their T&Cs.
Yeah, it seemed too good to be true. At least they don't require that I keep the "Search WWW" choice. I've added the logo, so now I'm a good guy again.

Thanks for keeping me honest.

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