Streamed Lines

Thursday 8 May 2003This is 20 years old. Be careful.

We’ve just switched from CVS to Perforce for source control at work, and the Perforce docs pointed to an amazing paper about branching: Streamed Lines: Branching Patterns for Parallel Software Development.

It is truly a catalog of patterns, but rather than being about architecture or software design, they are about how to branch (work simultaneously on more than one release of software).

It is a stunningly comprehensive paper, laying out 32 patterns (eight each for elements, creation, policy and structuring), then working through variations of a number of them, and ending with traps and pitfalls (13 of them, including merge-a-phobia, branch-a-holic, the never-ending branch, and codeline pudding). I have not read it in depth, but am certain that there is much to learn in it.


I'm just curious what was the main reason(s) you guys switched from CVS to Perforce (which I've never used)? Did you evaluate some other Source Code Management Systems?
Here is a comparison between BitKeeper and Perforce (of course from BitKeeper web site).
Just finished reading your SVN quick startup piece. Would like to know your SVN vs. Perforce comparison opinion. I know very little about either, except that SVN is free and Perforce is not.

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