Hummer mileage disappoints

Thursday 8 May 2003This is 20 years old. Be careful.

Alex Moffat relays a rant against stupid Hummer owners (stupid owners, not owners of stupid Hummers). Apparently people are paying $50,000 for these monstrosities and then are disappointed in the gas mileage!

The rant arose from this story about people being dissatisfied with fuel economy. Interesting quotes:

One point of confusion, Mr. Tews said, could be that Hummers are so large that they are exempt from federal fuel economy regulations that govern most other vehicles, meaning G.M. does not have to post mileage on window stickers.


“Maybe customers thought they would get 12 and only got 10 miles per gallon,” he said.

To be fair, the article points out that the owners of high-efficiency hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius are also disappointed in their mileage.


I was listening in on a couple's conversation with the Hummer H2 "spokesmodel" guy at the Miami Beach autoshow last November. The couple kept pressing for the MPG number and the guy said, "Sorry there isn't one...the H2 is in the same category as city buses and they aren't required to have a number by federal law either."
At 5 gallons per mile, I'll take the Abrams M1-A2 tank. Plus, it comes with a nifty 120mm smoothbore gun to take the kinks out of the evening commute.
"stupid Hummer owners"
Strong words!
Is this a case where calling someone stupid is ok, PC? I'm curious, are they stupid because they should have known better (i.e. given the relation of engine size to mileage/gallon)? or are they stupid because their choice of car is more detrimental to the environment, civilization in general, And disagrees with your views?
While I do think the Hummer is particularly egregiously inefficient, and that it is foolish to buy one, in this case, I said "stupid owners" because at the very least, I would hope that someone spending $50,000 for a car that is the poster child for low gas mileage would understand what they are buying.

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