CSS ain’t rocket science

Wednesday 21 May 2003

Normally I wouldn’t use “ain’t” in a post title, but it comes from the name of Simon Willison’s series of CSS tutorials. He’s doing a good job laying out how CSS works, in a very real-world way: by taking existing table-heavy sites, and reworking them with CSS (Simon: care to redo mine?). It’s a series of blog postings, so if you want to read the whole thing, start from the bottom and work up.

The comments are enlightening as well, if inadvertently. They are a capture of the downside of CSS: different browsers behaving differently, with the fix for one causing problems for another. The platform tradeoffs are always the problem, and the comments show them being discovered, traded off, and fixed chronologically. Included are honest feelings of frustration, even from the author himself.


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