Summer of 5

Sunday 27 April 2003

The weather is turning nicer, and you know what that means: more juggling. I have long enjoyed juggling (my father taught me so long ago I don’t remember learning), and have kept it up enough that my skills have continued to improve. A few years back I learned the three-ball shower (where the balls go in a circle, cartoon-like, rather than the standard over-under cascade pattern). Last year I finally mastered four balls, which I previously never liked because of its split-screen feel, since at its simplest, the balls stay in their assigned hand. (As with any specialized discipline, there is way more to juggling than the person in the street would guess. Take a look at some Juggling Animations to see what I mean).

This year, I’m going to try to get to a five-ball cascade. I’ve been approaching it from a few different angles for a while now, and think I may have enough basics to just go ahead and do it. We’ll see. Maybe this public declaration will force me to master it.

In preparation and as incentive, I’ve ordered five Todd Smith beanbags. Wish me luck!


I never knew you juggled, Ned. I'm impressed. I learned a basic 3 ball cascade, 20 years ago, but I've never manged to learn anything else :-( I do have one "trick" -- juggling a nickel, a dime, and a quarter. I call it "juggling my finances" ;-) It's quite a bit harder than it looks because the coins are so small and light that they're difficult to control, but if you're advanced enough to attempt five balls I'm sure you'll have little trouble getting it.


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