Thursday 10 April 2003

I’ve enabled comments here, thanks to enetation. I would rather have hacked something together myself, to learn more PHP and MySQL, but this works, and enetation has done a good job providing an off-site service, so what the hey.

The (react) links that used to send me email now bring up the comments window.

enetation logo


Alex Hernandez 9:08 AM on 10 Apr 2003

Great Ned.
I was wating this day for a long time.... Your blog is really cool and one of my daily stops.
No I can tell you :-)

Jim 9:37 AM on 10 Apr 2003

Huzzah! Ther'll be no rest for you now.

andrew 5:08 PM on 10 Apr 2003

great, another time waster

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