Happy belated Pi Day

Saturday 15 March 2003This is more than 20 years old. Be careful.

Yesterday was Pi Day (3/14). An Indian co-worker points out there is no Pi Day in India (because the date is written 14/3). Although I’m a day late, I’m also a math geek, so I have to mark the day somehow.

Here’s a page about pi. Also found in my pi day researches: the Inverse Symbolic Calculator. Enter a number with at least five decimal places, and it will give you symbolic expressions that evaluate to that number (7.387968 gives “root of polynomial -7+9*x+3*x^2-7*x^4+9*x^8”, among other answers). I can’t imagine a use for this, but it’s one of those offbeat reference sources that only the web can provide.


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