1944 Dime

Friday 7 March 2003

I found this 59-year-old dime in my pocket:

1944 dime

In all my life, I’ve never seen a dime other than the usual FDR dime. Now, in the 21st century, a Mercury-head dime just shows up in some change. This dime has been kicking around since World War II, and has passed through who knows how many hands? Remarkable.


Emilie 8:07 PM on 20 May 2005

i found one too...
Neat litttle thing isnt it?

trish 10:44 PM on 14 May 2007

i just found one. what did you do with yours? Is it worth selling?

Michele 10:04 PM on 6 Oct 2007

I just found one too...pretty neat

alfred ruvlacaba 9:26 PM on 14 Apr 2008

how much is the liberty 1944 dime worht today?

Will 3:36 PM on 22 May 2008

I just received one in my change from my local grocer...are they worth selling? who would buy one?

viviana 6:28 PM on 12 Aug 2008

i just fund one from 1941.

Bryan 12:37 PM on 25 Nov 2008

i also i have one is it worth selling?

Janel 6:22 PM on 2 Jan 2009

I also found one (1944). What is it worth?

chris garner 11:45 AM on 13 Jan 2009

i found one today at a little store in paris texas. whats the deal with all of them showing up. has any one found out if they are worth any thing

Alex 12:38 AM on 14 Feb 2009

Worth $3-6 on ebay, 1944 coins contain $1 worth of silver, but it is a sweet lookin' dime

Jeff 6:07 PM on 23 Mar 2009

Just came up with one of these dimes myself, at first i was thinking it was not US coin, looked at it closer and realized what i was holding. I wouldnt sell it no way. i love finding a little history and taking it out to look at from time to time, i have many old coins like it i picked up here and there by accident.

jon 12:05 AM on 1 Apr 2009

I got 3 1944 and one a d mint i got a 1945 s mint they all according to what i found to be abundant circulation at time older ones worth more.

VanFan48 9:27 AM on 6 Apr 2009

I found one while cahier-ing, thought it was a penny mixed in w/my dimes & after feeling it & looking at it more closely, I learned it was a 1944 Liberty dime. It is "sweet lookin"... think I'll hang on to mine too! OK

Dan Hays 3:40 PM on 26 Apr 2009

I just found one in my change and wondered what it was and it looked it up in the internet and found that it was from World War 2. That's crazy! Is it even worth selling?

candy 3:54 PM on 17 May 2009

what is the meaning of symbolism of the mercury head and the bushel of wheat with an ax?

Trevor 12:06 AM on 16 Aug 2009

My roommate was pulling beets out of our back garden in rural South Dakota, and out with one came a 1944 liberty dime, AMAZING. Gods knows for how long it had been buried there, and I wish it could talk :)

lisa robinson 4:57 PM on 5 Nov 2009

my husband found the 1944 dime and brought it home for me. I'm just curious about the history, why was the dime changed?

Theresa 4:27 PM on 19 Apr 2010

I just found a 1944 liberty dime it was given to me as change at a grocery store in San Jose, California.

mmg 5:01 AM on 12 Sep 2010

My boyfriend just showed me a 1944 and a 1945 liberty dime, which I had never seen before either! I deal with money all the time, and for him to have both of these was pretty cool! I figured someone must have gotten into somebody's collection and used them, that why they were circulating around the same time!

Brandon 1:22 AM on 14 Aug 2013

I GOT A 1940 dime wats good.......

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