Platitude is an application for creating simple lattices. Lattice drawings describes my interest in them.


Platitude is available two ways:

Using Platitude

The File - New menu brings up a dialog asking for the dimensions of the lattice to create:

The New Lattice dialog, asking for dimensions

Entering (for example) 5 by 3 produces a lattice with 5 little loops across the top, and three little loops going down, with four large loops at the corners:

A fresh 5 by 3 lattice

Modifying the lattice is done by clicking in the spaces between the traces. Each click changes the four sides around it. If the side has a trace on it, the trace is removed. If the side has no trace, a trace is added. This ensures that the traces are always unbroken, and form complete circuits.

For example, clicking on the spots indicated in red:

Suggestions of where to click

produces these changes:

A changed 5 by 3 lattice

Lattices can be saved to .lat files with File - Save, and re-opened with File - Open.


There’s one other way to modify the lattice in Platitude. Edit - Triplicate will convert every trace into three parallel traces. This makes the lattice three times larger, and can be an interesting way to explore larger lattices:

The 5 by 3 lattice, triplicated


Platitude cannot produce graphic output now except on the screen. Use a screen capture to produce graphics files of your lattices.


This is a very bare-bones application right now. I’d love to add more to it. Some ideas:


I’d love to hear about your experiences with Platitude. Comment here, or send me a note.

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This is an awesome program.
Nice toy!

Just wondering what you used to create windows installer with all required modules included.
I used py2exe to convert the Python into a Windows executable with supporting files, then used InnoSetup to create an installer from those files.
re Windows: may need to run Python 2.4 Windows installer to get MSVCR71.dll

Microsoft's licensing regime... bah!
mmg: I've added msvcr71.dll to the kit, so it will be installed with the application. Thanks for pointing it out.
Although quite a bit different, you may want to have a look at

Knotplot is a *neat* program, written by a good friend of mine (but I don't think I am biased here :-)
Ned, I am a teacher at the highschool level. I have been searching for drawings my students could do plotting ordered pairs and connecting the dots (I teach Pre-Algebra) I ran across your site and wondered if you know where I could find any. I love this Platitude.
Mitchell, I don't know where to find something like that, sorry.
COOLIO!!!!!!!! you rock man!!!!! luv da site!!!!!!!!
Very nice, have been playing with it for an hour or two with my beamer!

keep up this work!
I installed the program but when I open it I get a 'Fatal Error' message: Error while loding DLL 'unicows.dll'! The application will terminate now.
Do you know what I should do?
Are you using windows 95, christina?

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