This web site is created with content in XML files, converted with XSLT, and served by Django. It’s all on GitHub if you dare.

I wanted a purely text-based authoring process because it’s easy to manipulate text, and I’m a geek so I don’t mind creating content as XML files in a text editor. If you want to know more, Xuff, px, bx, etc has some details on the XML formats.

The toolchain is weird, I don’t deny that!

The stellated dodecahedron (in the upper left corner) was rendered by POV-Ray, with data generated by a Python script based on pypolys. There’s also a larger version of it.

The comments on my blog are driven by a homemade Django app called Reactor. It features a great anti-spam technique: Stopping spambots with hashes and honeypots.

Everything validates:

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