This web site is created with content in XML files, run through Django driven by StaticGenerator to produce HTML. The whole process is managed by a Python script. It’s all on GitHub if you dare.

I wanted a purely text-based process that produced purely static HTML. I wanted it to be text-based because it’s easy to manipulate text, and I’m a geek so I don’t mind creating content as XML files in a text editor. I wanted static HTML because I wanted flexibility to choose inexpensive hosting providers, and it makes it easy to try things out on my laptop. If you want to know more, Xuff, px, bx, etc has some details on the XML formats.

The toolchain is horribly outdated, I don’t deny that!

The stellated dodecahedron (in the upper left corner) was rendered by POV-Ray, with data generated by a Python script based on pypolys. There’s also a larger version of it.

The comments on my blog are driven by a homemade system called Reactor. It is written in PHP and stores data in MySQL. It features a great anti-spam technique: Stopping spambots with hashes and honeypots.

Everything validates:

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