Platitude is an application for creating simple lattices. Lattice drawings describes my interest in them.


Platitude is available two ways:

Using Platitude

The File - New menu brings up a dialog asking for the dimensions of the lattice to create:

The New Lattice dialog, asking for dimensions

Entering (for example) 5 by 3 produces a lattice with 5 little loops across the top, and three little loops going down, with four large loops at the corners:

A fresh 5 by 3 lattice

Modifying the lattice is done by clicking in the spaces between the traces. Each click changes the four sides around it. If the side has a trace on it, the trace is removed. If the side has no trace, a trace is added. This ensures that the traces are always unbroken, and form complete circuits.

For example, clicking on the spots indicated in red:

Suggestions of where to click

produces these changes:

A changed 5 by 3 lattice

Lattices can be saved to .lat files with File - Save, and re-opened with File - Open.


There’s one other way to modify the lattice in Platitude. Edit - Triplicate will convert every trace into three parallel traces. This makes the lattice three times larger, and can be an interesting way to explore larger lattices:

The 5 by 3 lattice, triplicated


Platitude cannot produce graphic output now except on the screen. Use a screen capture to produce graphics files of your lattices.


This is a very bare-bones application right now. I’d love to add more to it. Some ideas:


I’d love to hear about your experiences with Platitude. Comment here, or send me a note.

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