ggr reads Gimp .ggr gradient files, providing a Python interface to get color values from them. There are only two methods on GimpGradient:

>>> import ggr
>>> g = ggr.GimpGradient('Sunrise.ggr')
>>> g.color(.25)
(0.95501612668614855, 0.91457275670187077, 0.74046874445166)
>>> g.color(.5)
(0.83733161389613664, 0.37510844064480114, 0.23112679845322415)
>>> g.color(.75)
(0.42744738324707615, 0.52517311887199969, 0.83543339174375486)

This Python code is in the public domain.


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So you won't mind if I steal portions of it for PIL, then? ;-)

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