Charlotte's Web with the 2nd Grade

On Feb 1st, I went with my son Ben's second grade class to see the play Charlotte's Web at the Berklee Performance center.


We took the T downtown, saw the play, and took the T back to school.

Getting the kids ready
Answering kids' questions
Get your coats!

The kids were excited by the whole idea of the trip, and horsed around while waiting to go.

Parents waiting to get going

Some parents went along as chaperones, each in charge of two children.


I was in charge of my son Ben, and a remarkably cheerful boy named Billy.

Excited kids

At every stage, we had to line up and wait to move again.



The T ride was fun, but crowded.  A few commuters liked the novelty of 50 kids, but not many!

Packed into the T
Happy to be walking through Boston

The theater was a short walk from the T.


My two hats
Another chance to line up outside the theater
We filed in
and took our seats

Waiting for the play to start took a long time too.


Waiting for the curtain to go up
Plenty of time to fool around
Ben and Josh

Finally, the curtain went up, and the play was quite good. Six actors played all the parts, except Wilbur who only had one. The sets were simple things, changed for the different scenes by the actors as they came and went.


Some of the costume changes seemed extravagant, but they must have been wearing more than one at many points in the action. There was plenty of slapstick to keep the kids laughing, but they didn't lose sight of the heart of the story.

Wilbur the pig (a guy in pink overalls)

Then it was time to head back to the T. Ms. Donovan had wisely brought baggies of animal crackers for the kids (but not the adults!)


Discussing the zoology of animal crackers

The T ride was much more relaxed, no commuters at 11:30.

Plenty of room
Billy fooling around

It was a good way to spend a morning.


I saw a good play,

and got to hang out with a bunch of fun kids!