How to Cut and Fold your PhotoCube

Putting your PhotoCube together is easy.  All you need are scissors.  No glue or tape is needed.




Here's what we're making:

Start by cutting along the solid lines around your cube.


Don't forget the slit between the side flaps and your photos.

Fold the cube.  All of the squares get folded back, so that the photos are on the outside.  Dotted lines show you where to crease.

With everything folded, you are ready to begin constructing.


Fold up the side photos, and fold in the side flaps next to them.  This will give you the rough shape of the cube.

Fold the long flap (with the red end) so that the photo overlaps the side flaps, and the red square folds into the inside of the cube.  Making tight creases here will help hold your cube together.


Fold the other long flap into the inside of the cube, and you are done!

Turn your cube over with the open side down, and enjoy!


By the way, if you haven't made a cube of your own yet, it's easy to get started.