Max turned 15 today.  He didn't have a specific idea for a cake, so Susan and I riffed on the theme of ruins, and came up with Cakehenge.

Make a simple rectangular cake, and refer to photos found on the web.

Photo byandrewserff.

Mix up some green frosting for grass (not quite grass-green, but it's hard to get anything but pastels with frosting).

Then another bowl of grayish stone-color frosting.

For the stones, buy whatever candy bars you like, and cut them to finger-size.  We used Twix for uprights and thick Hershey bars for lintels.

Apply stone-frosting with your fingers, and start building.


Don't be afraid to get messy: it all washes off.

The building goes quickly once you get the hang of it, and decide what candy will play what role.

And pretty soon, CakeHenge has risen over the plains....

A toy druid completes the scene.

Note the cosmic significance: CakeHenge is perfectly aligned with the flashlight-rise on Max's birthday!

Last step: eat it!