The man himself!  Guido van Rossum,Python's Benevolent Dictator for Life


I didn't get to meet him, personally, but if I had, I would've complimented him on his pragmatic use of a backpack during PyCon. 


And maybe I would've said, "Like, OH MY GAWD!  I love Python!  Oh MY GAWWWDD!  IIIIEEEEE!"






Adrian Holovaty, of Django fame. 


Thanks for the Tabblo shout-out during the web frameworks panel!













Below, Adele Goldberg's keynote, which was held far too early in the morning...

Above:  Guido's keynote talk about Python 3000 (powerpoint file).  Standing room only.


I found the talk useful, and it got me more interested in Python's future.  Ned thought the speech could've used more pizazz, clip art, and pyrotechnics.  Or something like that... I wasn't paying attention.


To the right: Ned does all the talking.  I'm just there as the Tabblo muscle.


Adrian presented a new Django app, Databrowse, to the Django Birds of a Feather meeting. 


After pizza, there was an impromptu sprint.


If only we could've stayed longer.  Alas, we had another early morning flight to catch on Sunday...


Next time!