Doctor Who cake

For Max's sixteenth birthday, we made him a Doctor Who cake.  He's been watching all the episodes, so it was a natural.  He's easy to make cakes for, since he always has a strong enthusiasm of the moment...

The cake is frosted, then the brownies cut into squares and stacked to form the core of the TARDIS.

The customers liked it!

Basic materials included a cake, a pan of brownies, brown and white chocolate bars, two sizes of marshmallows, white frosting, and a package of Pocky.

Brown and white chocolate bars, with panels decorated on in frosting, are pasted onto the sides of the brownie stack to make the TARDIS.  A few slabs and a marshmallow siren on top, and it's done.

A few bits of brownie and chocolate bar become K9 the robot dog.

Three marshmallows, with a little carving and some frosting to hold them together, become a Dalek.  Dots of black frosting give it the proper look, and two Pocky arms complete the enemy robot.

A Playmobil figure with a paper scarf becomes the Doctor (our rules have always stipulated that everything must be edible, but exceptions are made for figures for some reason!)