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Ben 16 at RISD

Saturday 22 March 2014

My youngest son Ben turns 16 in a few days, and a few days ago was accepted into the RISD summer program for high-schoolers! So today, his cake:

RISD logo cake

He's really excited about RISD. It will be a big transition for him, six weeks away from home, doing serious art instruction. I'm really proud of him, and eager to see what changes it will bring. I'm also nervous about that...

The cake was fun, it's not often you get to try your hand at a calligraphic challenge in frosting!

Pi day

Friday 14 March 2014

Happy Pi day! Celebrate with delicious circular pastries!

In an ongoing (and wildly premature!) thread on the Python-Dev mailing list, people are debating the possible shapes of Python 4, and Barry pointed out that Guido doesn't like two-digit minor versions.

I can understand that, version numbers look like floats, and 3.1 is the same as 3.10. But in this case I think we should forge on to 3.10, 3.11, etc. Partly to avoid the inevitable panic that a switch to 4.x will entail, no matter what the actual semantics. But mostly so that we can get to version 3.14, which will of course be known as PiPy, joining in merry celebration with friends PyPI and PyPy!

The right way to accept Bitcoin?

Thursday 6 March 2014

A few months ago, I rejiggered a bit of my home page and sidebar, and I added a link to accept Bitcoin. (You know, in case you wanted to throw some my way!)

I couldn't find a simple description of how create a link that would let people send me Bitcoin, but I was able to create a link at Coinbase:

It seems to work, but is there a more Bitcoin-native way to do it? This links to a particular checkout at Coinbase, meaning I've set a particular amount. Coinbase also creates new addresses for every transaction, which confuses me.

Is there a link that will let me accept Bitcoin better than what Coinbase does?

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